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Calibration & Measurement
Calibration & Measurement
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Calibration And Measurement

Calibration And Measurement

SIRIM Standards Technology Sdn Bhd is the largest calibration laboratory in Malaysia and provides the widest scope of calibration services in the fields of Electrical Calibration ServicesDimensional Calibration Services, Temperature Calibration Services, Force & Pressure Calibration Services and Mass and Volumetric Calibration Services .

All the laboratory standards are traceable either to National Metrology Laboratory in SIRIM Berhad or other internationally recognised standard laboratories. The fields of metrology are being continuously developed to upgrade our capabilities and accuracy of calibration.  We take pride in maintaining our technological leadership.

Our laboratory engineers and metrologists have an average working experience of more than 15 years in metrology and calibration. Most of them have been specially trained in their respective fields at international standards laboratories.  Laboratory technicians are trained in-house by the senior staff and a majority have attended courses on Quality Systems organised either by SIRIM or other recognised quality consultants.

In recognition of our quality system and competency, all our facilities have been to ISO/IEC 17025 accredited by the Department of Standards Malaysia.

Our laboratories also participated actively in both local and international proficiency testing or inter-laboratory comparisons coordinated or organised by the Department of Standards Malaysia to maintain its technical competency.

Quality Policy

SIRIM Standards Technology Sdn Bhd is committed to strive for quality and excellence in all its endeavors to ensure its services and products meet the expectations and requirements of all its customers and clients

To achieve this policy, the management of SIRIM Standards Technology Sdn. Bhd. shall:

  • Maintain a Quality Management System that meets the requirement of ISO/IEC 17025, SAMM 088, 141, 176, 313 and 533. Click calibration certificate for more details.
  • Provide adequate resources and training to ensure professionalism and competence.
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of the Quality Management System in order to strive for perpetual improvement.

To enhance the quality of our calibration services, we have also introduced the Total Quality Management Scheme into our daily work. We will strive for quality and quality is the responsibility of all personnel within our company.

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