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Trusted & Reliable High-Quality Calibration & Measurement Services
Trusted & Reliable High-Quality Calibration & Measurement Services

SIRIM Calibration Sdn. Bhd. (SIRIMCal) recently offers measurement and calibration facility in the field of radio frequency measurement. The laboratory provides comprehensive calibration services on voltage, current, resistance, distortion, electrical-related parameters, time, frequency, radio frequency, and microwave measurement equipment. Our dedicated and environmentally controlled Radio Frequency Standards Laboratory is capable to generate up to 40 GHz and measure signals up to 50 GHz, making it ideal to service many RF and microwave instruments such as spectrum analyzers, power meters, and attenuators.

Our Time and Frequency Laboratory maintains time and frequency standards derived from our GPS Frequency Reference, traceable to the National Metrology Institute of Malaysia (NMIM). This allows us to provide calibration services for various measurement equipment, including counters, generators, process calibrators, time bases, and oscillators. Through our latest equipped RF calibration facility, SIRIMCal is ready to serve industry players from communications, electronics & semiconductors, defense, aerospace, oil and gas, healthcare, education, as well as government sector.


  • AM/FM Stereo Signal Generator
  • AudioAnalyzer
  • Arbitrary Generator
  • Base Station Test Set
  • Communication Service Monitor
  • Directional Bridge
  • Digital Transmission Analyzer
  • Dynamic Signal Analyzer
  • ESG Vector Signal Generator
  • Modulation Analyzer
  • Noise Figure Analyzer
  • Noise Source
  • Waveform Generator
  • Step Attenuator Sweep Oscillator
  • Power Sensor
  • Wow Flutter Calibrator
  • Peak and Average Power Sensor
  • Power Meter
  • RF Power Meter
  • Rubidium Frequency Standard
  • Radio Communication Service
  • RF Microwatt Standard Shunt
  • PSA Spectrum Analyzer
  • Radio Comm Tester
  • Protocal Analyzer
  • PXI Module
  • Wireless Bluetooth Test Solution
  • Wireless & Bluetooth Analyzer
  • Vector Network Measurement Systems


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